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The Thay Hunter – Paper Airplane

The Thay Hunter – Paper Airplane

The Thay Hunter – Paper Airplane

The Thay Hunter

The Thay Hunter is a plane that performs much like the Mirage, except that it flies slightly faster. Leading edge extensions are the short, highly-swept sections of wing root that join it to the fuselage near the nose of the plane. On jets like the F18, they produce vortices over the main wing at high angles of attack that keep it from stalling under high lift. This model is probably much too low for that type of airflow phenomena, but it flies pretty well nonetheless.

Take a sheet of paper A4 8 X 12in (21 x 30cm), and follow the instructions described below step by step

Folding Instructions:

To fold the Paper Plane ‘The Thay Hunter’ you should follow step to step the following sequence.
  • On the Upper Left side appears the paper sheet before folding, on the Upper Right Side, appears the sheet after folding it. The left animation indicates how you have to fold the paper sheet.
  • After The folding you should click the button ‘Next’ to see the next step.
  • You have to repeat the previous step, until you finish folding the Paper Airplane.
  • With the button ‘Back’ you will return to the previous step.
  • The button ‘Start’ takes you to the step 1 and the button ‘End’ takes you to the last step.

How to Fly the paper plane The Thay Hunter

  • For greater distance, point the plane at an angle of 45 degrees upward.
  • If you want to hit a target at a short distance and accuracy, locate the plane at eye level and throw horizontally
  • For anything else, throw the plane as hard as you can in any direction.



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Joey – [U.s.a. – Raymore] –
Whats the diff of the mirage,the hay hunter,the dagger,and the wide fenix.
Andrew – [ – ] –
Brian – [New york – Wantagh] –
This plane is so great this is the best one in my entire collection it flew 123 feet and 4 inches you have got to make this plane people.
Astburger sindrome – [United states of america – South carolina] –
The plane is super hard to make but the flat is cool and easy if you stop at the part before you pop it out it make a even awesomer plane
Djnugget – [England – Lacashire]
I couldent agree more mate!!!
Opu – [India – ]
Gosh!really hard to make.
Tom – [Angleterre – Northampton]
Allez sur c est des avion a imprimer trop bien
Andy – [Trinidad and tobago – Port of spain]
Wow awsome ;)
Cheeseagimi – [Malaysia – Kuala lumpur]
It was a good plane, i got a similar one that i made up called the hornet. me and my friend were making it at school and the prototype, when thrown can actually give someone a bruise!
Actionman – [India – Trivandrum]
Where is the next button?
Mohannad – [Saudi arabia – Dammam]
Moby – [United states – Ney york]
It took me forever to finish this plane and when i was done it looked like a peice of xxxxx
Goran – [Croatia – New york]
Hi! i really love the animations, can you tell what software are you using to create the animations, tnx.
Jesus – [India – Surat] –
Superb rigami
Tom – [England – Northampton]
Sorry it’s the best paper plane site ever
Ashriel – [Singapore – Singapore]
I wonder if you do this plane in massive scale.
Megaman – [United states – Wyoming]
I finished man the paper airplane should be small it flies perfect u just got to give it some time

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