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The Origami X-Hunter

The Origami X-Hunter

Chaseur X

The Origami X-Hunter

The X Hunter is the leading-edge extension plane with the extra tabs folded into something a bit more menacing than landing gear. This plane has a lot of stability and can fly very far. Has a tendency to flip upside down during flight. If you slightly bend the two wings up at the rear, you can get it to do flips and tricks. A fast, long range and fighter jet-style paper airplane, the X Hunter is a very cool paper airplane to fly.
This interesting looking square craft works best with light to medium weight paper. Start with a letter size sheet.
The X Hunter paper aeroplanes are beautiful to look at. It can also fly pretty well, is also a good paper aeroplane for performing aerodynamic experiments. Although you’re unlikely to break any records with this design, if they’re well made, you can get some decent 10-15 metre flights out of them.
Don’t forget to wear eye protection around this device.

Folding Instructions:

To fold the Paper Plane ‘The Origami X-Hunter’ you should follow step to step the following sequence.
  • On the Upper Left side appears the paper sheet before folding, on the Upper Right Side, appears the sheet after folding it. The left animation indicates how you have to fold the paper sheet.
  • After The folding you should click the button ‘Next’ to see the next step.
  • You have to repeat the previous step, until you finish folding the Paper Airplane.
  • With the button ‘Back’ you will return to the previous step.
  • The button ‘Start’ takes you to the step 1 and the button ‘End’ takes you to the last step.

How to Fly the paper plane X-Hunter

  • For greater distance, point the plane at an angle of 45 degrees upward.
  • If you want to hit a target at a short distance and accuracy, locate the plane at eye level and throw horizontally
  • For anything else, throw the plane as hard as you can in any direction.



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Niko – [Finland – Imatra]
Does it have to do on A4 paper?
noooot tellling – [usa – nottelling]
how do you make this airplane????????????????????????
jc – [FL – Kissimmee]
ausome airplanes u must make more
i love paper airplains so coooooool! wowowowowow!
justin – [california – modesto]
This plane is the bomb,it looks cool and flys great
isoy – [philiphines – cagayan de oro ]
this is so awesome you should make more i love planes hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
RJ – [Singapore – Singapore]
is it a dive bomber?
cant tell – [cant tell – cant tell]
its best when you fold it with softer paper and to fly
not telling – [not telling – not telling]
how do you make it
That’s an amazing paper airplane, do u think that plane can go to a red bull paper wings or something like that.. hope u enjoi it
jonathan – [TX. – Luisbil]
its cooooooooooooooooool¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
kzxflksadhflashf – [Russia – Mosocow]
This air plane is the bomb!
the plane looks cool and can fly good
jay – [england – london]
how do you make good planes
Jack – [england – ]
it’s sooooooooool i love paper areoplanes can you make a better one
0__0 – [usa – hurst]
those are so good that you must make more my eyes are wide open for new planes 0__0

Thats whats cool and hope you guys can can come up and make something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Peter – [Usa – Miami]
that is cool

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