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Paper SailBoat Racer

Paper SailBoat Racer

Paper SailBoat Racer

SailBoat Racer

The Origami Sailboat Racer is a boat that combines the best elements two very different types of sailboats. Offering the speed and performance of a race boat with the interior creature comforts of a cruising boat, Racer / Cruisers deliver performance sailing in a user-friendly package.

The Paper Sailboat Racer is a fun decorative origami design and really floats! Here is my Stop Motion instructions that help you to fold this origami boat. Perfect for beginners.

Complexity: Easy.
Time to fold 10 min.
Folded from a one Square origami white paper, about 20 cm x 20 cm.

The SailBoat Racer are often hard to distinguish from their pure racing counterparts. Masts are tall and support a powerful sailplan. They are generally rigged as sloops. Check out the 3D animation and add this neat boat to your origami knowledge base!

Folding Instructions:

To fold the Paper Boat ‘SailBoat Racer’ you should follow step to step the following sequence.
  • On the Upper Left side appears the paper sheet before folding, on the Upper Right Side, appears the sheet after folding it. The left animation indicates how you have to fold the paper sheet.
  • After The folding you should click the button ‘Next’ to see the next step.
  • You have to repeat the previous step, until you finish folding the Paper Boat.
  • With the button ‘Back’ you will return to the previous step.
  • The button ‘Start’ takes you to the step 1 and the button ‘End’ takes you to the last step.
You need to fold it accurately in order to have a perfect paper boat which can float well.

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If you have any comment or suggestion about this paper boat, PLEASE, feel free to leave me comments. I am happy to listen to you and will improve my future animation tutorial
breno – [unigalaxicity – univercity]
hahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaha coooooll!!!!
Pee Apples! – [USA – Great Falls]
It looks awsome!
Muhammad Yasoob Ullah Khalid – [Pakistan – Lahore.]
I loved this website and it is very good for kids.
Mike Edwards – [England – ]
Hi there, Just thought I’d let you know that your animations on how to fold the models don’t work correctly on Firefox 3 browser. The middle illustration does not change when the next button is pressed, instead just repeating the very first image.
fried chicken – [usa – fl]
my sister tried teaching me but she culden’t do it.these instructions made it easy
estan chidos as mas es todo yujuuuuuu ya isimos todos los que as echo
gyhhg – [canada – edmonton]
it floats well!!!!!! only got wet a bit.
pie man
mine came out wrong but mine still floats
Pee Apples! – [USA – Great Falls]
It floats very well!!!
Helena and Michelangelo – [UK – London]
Great instructions, managed to make it easily. Thank you! We love your website.
nick – [usa – ]
i cant make it its to hard for me

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